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The Granby Veterans Memorial committee held its first meeting in September of 2012 with the goal of coming up with a plan to create a fitting Veterans Memorial to honor the residents of Granby, Massachusetts who have served their country in time of war. Four bronze plaques and two marble plaques adorned with the names of Granby veterans from the Civil War to the Vietnam War used to line the halls of Kellogg Hall. They were taken down after the town hall offices moved out of Kellogg Hall and placed in storage at the public safety center. Granby veterans that have served in the Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan have not been recognized and new bronze plaques will be created to honor their service.

Granby Veterans Memorial Committee

The Granby Veterans Memorial Committee is currently composed of residents of Granby, Massachusetts. Together they began working towards the goal of building a Veterans Memorial in order to honor the men and women of this town that served our nation in a time of war.

Our mission is to construct a lasting memorial to the residents of Granby, past, present, and future who have served this country in time of war.

  • Granby Veterans Memorial Project
Friends of Granby Veterans

"Friends of Granby Veterans" is a group of dedicated men & women chartered to finance and care for the Granby Veterans Memorial wall and assist Granby Veterans as their needs arise.

  • Friends of Granby Veterans

The success of Granby Veterans Memorial Project is made possible by private donations.

All contributions- small or large, personal or corporate- are sincerely appreciated.


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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
May 26, 2024
Memorial Dedication
November 11, 2023
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