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Custom crafted bronze plaques will display the names of the following men and women. These new plaques, accompanied by the original bronze Honor Roll plaques, will be permanently mounted on the new Granby Veterans Memorial wall.

1917 to 1919 | World War I

David M. Clark

Edward Day

1942 to 1945 | World War II

Roger Bachand

Theodore Boczon

Wallace H. Boy

James B. Buckley Jr.

David G. Canney

Carl J. Choinacki

Albert A. Desjardins

Albert G. Fortier

John T. Healey

Frank A. Hudgik

Robert E. Johnson

Edward J. Kelly

Frank C. LaBorde

Michael G. Leocopoulos

James R. Snyder

Ernest E. Trompke

Dwight J. Tucker

1950 to 1953 | Korean War

Donald W. Bessette

Norman J. Buzzard

John F. Costello

Michael E. Cupak

Joseph A. Currier

Albert G. Fortier

Carlton L. Glasson

Roger Seraphin Labonte

Arthur J. Lempke

John William Marcy Jr

Paul W. Mugnier

Florent E. Perreault

Alfred G. Proulx

Lowell A. Shaw

David Clayton Sills

Ronald J. Slate

Charles P. Snyder

Frank Sousa

Daniel Francis Strain

Frank L. Warren

Edward F. Wright

1964 to 1975 | Vietnam War

Richard J. Aras

Roger S. Bowder

Roger Budd Jr.

David A. Canney

Richard P. Carver

Robert L. Couture

James E. Crosby Jr.

Michael E. Cupak

Joseph A. Currier

Bradford K. Deal

Richard J. Dent

David A. Desjardins

Lenny Desrochers

William E. Eskett

George J. Gleim

Rodney L. Hartbarger

Lance W. Reed

Kenneth J. Roberts

Thomas A. Rousell

H. Ken Scott

Charles D. Sharrow

Ronald J. Slate

Joseph R. Snopek

Donald F. Suchenicz

Bruce Whyte

James Whyte III

Glen R. Wiley

Paul Winch

Edward F. Wright

Donald Zebrowski

Dwight H. Hatch

Edward V. Houlberg

Robert R. Houle

Walter F. Jasiewicz

Richard J. Jolivet

Roger F. King

Kenneth H. Knight

Stanley C. Kopeski Jr.

Joseph E. Kuralt

Norman E. LaFrance

Robert E. Lepage

Paul Ludwig Maywald

Robert P. Miller

Elwood P. Myers

Frank J. Perreault

Ronald A. Ploof

1982 to 1984 | Lebanon/Grenada

Robert E. Berge

William W. Berge

Rene L. Cote

John M. Costello

Edward C. Glasson

Kevin R. Hughes

Jeffrey M. Isabelle

Michael E. Labonte

Clark R. Noble

Anthony J. Rodrigues

Wayne A.Tack

1989 to 1990 | Panama

Robert Patruno

Edward C. Glasson

Daniel C. Morrissette

Robert Patruno

1990 to PRESENT | Persian Gulf / Afghanistan / Iraq

Alan W. Abar

Eric J. Alves

Michael S. Anastasovites

Deborah E. Ash

Jonathan R. Ash

Shaine D. Asselin

George A. Bahlke

Paul J. Barboza

Allen T. Barnes

Michael C. Barrick

Eric Basak

Patrick J. Beattie

Curtis A. Berge

William R Bergeron

Todd A. Bernashe

Shayne P. Burke

Richard F. Byrd

David F. Carbin

Robert W. Carmen

Daniel J. Carr

Elaine M. Chaloux

Jeffery T. Chamberlain

Robert R. Chauvin

Daniel Clark

Daniel R. Clark

Owen F. Connolly

Daniel A. Cote

Brian P. Crawford

Michael G. Cupak

Roger A. Dager

James P. Danehey

Stephanie R. Deprey

Dennis A. Desroches

John M. Destromp

Patrick C. Dooley

Scott M. Dorman

Paul A. Dufresne

Timothy J. Dunham

Peter A. Dutton

William Friedhofer

Eric H. Geissler

Mark D. Gilbert

Paul H. Gilman

Edward C. Glasson

Kevin P. Godbout

Michael P. Gosselin

Benjamin K. Goulet

Gerald A. Grasso

Richard Grinuk

Carlos M. Gutierrez

Edger F. Parent

Edward R. Parker

Jennifer F. Picard

Ronald A. Ploof

Karen S. Ploof-Cashatt

Fredrick J. Plouffe Jr

Melinda A. Pooler

Jason R. Pronovost

Alfred G. Proulx III

Glenn R. Quatacker

Christopher D. Quinlan

Samuel F. Quinlan

Nicole D. Remy

Jason R. Richard

Keith A. Richard

Sean E. Robbins

David P. Robert

John F. Robert

Theresa M. Robert

Jeffery R. Roule

Keith R. Rousselle

Ronald E. Saltarelli III

Karen S. Scott

Steven L. Seaha

Frederic P. Seiffert

Jeffrey A. Sills

John P. Skaza III

Charles E. Snyder

Timothy S. Sorrentino

Frank L. Stanley Jr

William A. Staryarsky

Sean R. Stuart

Richard S. Sulikowski

John A. Surette

Christopher W. Tack

Norma L Theriault

Jeremy C. Trombley

Eric D. Trompke

Sean R. Turconi

Matthew J. Vieu

Derek E. Watson

Stephen T. Weatherbee

John E. Wehr

Pamela J. White

Michael J. Zebrowski

Mark D. Haggan

David A. Harrop

Ronald L. Harrop

Daniel Roger Haska

Bryan F. Hauschild II

Benjamin A. Helm

Peter M. Hogan

Serin N. Houlberg

Derek J. Hughes

Richard A. Jedrey

Jenifer C. Juteau

Kevin Kachinski

Robert J. Kazalski

Daniel W. Keller

Gary Edward Kelly

John M. Kijak III

Jay S. Kinney

Kenneth H. Knight

Steve Z. Kukawka

Jane M. LaBorde

Steven G. Lacoste

Robert J. Lafleur III

Jeffery T. LaFrance

Kimberly L. Lane

Micael P. Leger

Jason E. Leonard

Robert D. Leclair

David P. Leydic

Fred C. Liguori

Corey P. Lopes

Corey Loranger

Wenda May Luff

Michael K. Malone Jr. 

Kelli Malouin-Lacoste

Andrew R. Marcil

Wendy A. Masiuk

Michael A. McCray

Sandra L. McCuskey

James D. McFarlane

David G. McLean

Robert J. Menard

William K. Mick

Eric J. Morley

Sandra C. Mundt

Matthew A. Myers

Chad M. Norman

Kevin F. O'Connell

Morgan S. Oneill

Jeffrey M. Paquin

The original Granby Honor Roll plaques which honor the men and women who bravely served our country through the Viet Nam War may be viewed here.

These plaques will be installed in the Granby Veterans Memorial as a portion of the permanent tribute.

Granby MA Veterans Honor Roll
Granby MA Veterans Honor Roll
Granby MA Veterans Honor Roll
Granby MA Veterans Honor Roll
Add A Name

Need more information about the Honor Roll?

Should you find the name of your loved one, friend or comrade has not yet been added

to the Granby Veterans Honor Roll, please read the following criteria.


1. Must have served at least one day on ACTIVE DUTY (not for training) during any of these periods of conflict*

2. Must have received an honorable discharge at time of separation.

3. Must have been a Granby resident at the time of entry into military service* OR Must have been a resident of the Town of Granby for at least 10 years (verification will be required*).


Military members who entered service while residing in Granby and are currently serving on active duty can submit a letter confirming their eligible military service from their commanding officer or unit administrative officer. This letter should include the military service dates and that it is under honorable conditions.

The success of Granby Veterans Memorial Project is made possible by private donations.

All contributions- small or large, personal or corporate- are sincerely appreciated.

Make your tax deductible donation today!

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
May 26, 2024
Memorial Dedication
November 11, 2023
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